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2632A445-C4B0-4BC3-BDBA-6244155DE3FA7269CE97-6772-41A2-BD31-EACB109C2CFD4BC24A16-6000-4885-8DBC-E07F12C941548199F70A-0715-4C61-96BD-BAA0FE3428094F9C0E0A-6496-4812-9CC6-C566AD50B2680143B1E4-A432-4DED-853A-FE26D658119DI decided the generator in the generator car just wasn’t cutting it.  So I decided to take a dremel to the 1/25 scale CAT 3516 diesel generator set to see if I could get it to fit in the car.  It had to part ways with some of the gen barrel, the radiator and a large section of the block. But I was able to keep the heads and most of the engine detail including the control panel and gen breaker box to show the CAT label through the window of the car.  Overall I’m really happy with it. Need to touch up some paint yet and add some fuel hoses from the CAT fuel tank to the gen. It barely fit in the shell but the doors still open and close and turns on the light and fan.  If anyone wants to do the same it is the Norscot 3516b genset 1/25 scale.  Then fire up the dremel, have fun and do a little surgery to get her to fit.  


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  • 2632A445-C4B0-4BC3-BDBA-6244155DE3FA
  • 7269CE97-6772-41A2-BD31-EACB109C2CFD
  • 4BC24A16-6000-4885-8DBC-E07F12C94154
  • 8199F70A-0715-4C61-96BD-BAA0FE342809
  • 4F9C0E0A-6496-4812-9CC6-C566AD50B268
  • 0143B1E4-A432-4DED-853A-FE26D658119D
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