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I was finally able to get a Lionel cattle car operating, however now the track section is uncoupling my trains when they pass by. I tried disconnecting the platform but problem is still there. Engine is obviously completing a connection but not sure why.

Secondly, my Mike's operating gas station buzzes loudly at times, a wiring issue I assume. My fire station (same mechanism) has no problem. Would appreciate comments. 

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Shoe/electric couplers or "thumbtack couplers? 

Thumbtack indicates you have powered or created an electo magnet. Not too hard really; some kinda magnet field is present in any electrical connection. Maybe a short.

Shoe couplers indicate a wiring or an isolation issue. Maybe incompatibility, but Id think proper isolation of the cattle rails on a switch would do the trick.

Check isolation on the operation rails and center rail at the spot.

Inspect shoes for rub wear and loose/low contact nub.

I figured it out thanks to the comments. I do have a switch controlling the track section. After disconnected all wiring to the track and the cattle platform, the problem still existed. Therefore the platform under the track with the shoes had to still be making contact. Since I had to retrofit the platform to fit the Atlas track I unknowingly had the platform making metal contact with the outside rail. The engine then completed the contact and the shoe acted as an uncoupler, I isolated the platform so there is no contact with the track without being switched on and the problem was solved. Thanks to everyone for quickly responding and helping with the resolution. Merry Christmas.



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