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I recently purchased an ABBA  Legacy engine set new and never run.   One powered Aand one powered B. When I placed them on track they fired up fine but when they moved they jerked ahead then slow down and stop and their trucks came off the track. Both units did the same thing. Seems as if something's binding them up What could it be?

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One possible scenario is old, dried, "rock-hard" lubrication.  Of course, there are many other possible scenarios.  Take the bodies off the engines and take photos from various angles that you can post here with some close-ups of the gears, wheels, motors and electronics.  Did you consider test running them before purchase?


Ive contacted the seller no return  Said basically tough luck

No such thing on eBay. You can start a return if a product, any product, sold as new, does not work. And, it’s not at the seller’s discretion. You’ll need to take pictures; a video would be best. Seller is obligated to accept return, issue a complete refund, and pay for return shipping. Get on it ASAP

@Bob is cool - The only drawback RIGHT NOW (if you plan on ordering the tires directly from MTH) is that as per a recent press release they are presently relocating to bigger quarters and won't be processing any orders for awhile.  However, some MTH retailers will probably have some of those rubber traction tires in stock.

Good Luck and enjoy your new F3s once you get the replacement tires!

You were absolutely right. It's the traction tires. Now to get new ones. Do you know the product number and size of the mth tires

Glad to help.  It is amazing to me that Lionel sold these brand new and non-functioning.  The really embarrassing thing is that they had no remedy.  I don't think they wanted to admit that you have to get tires from MTH.  Really, they should have sourced them and offered them as a free replacement/free shipping.  

As noted above the universal diesel replacement traction tire from MTH is DE-0000018.


Thanks for the profoundity, Tom. With $1,000 on the line, I’d be happy to repent at my leisure, with my money still being my money. eBay is like a bus stop; if you miss your bus, there’s always another one on the way.

Just depends on how long you want to wait. In this case, these are 12 year old engines, 2 A units together with 2 add-on B units one powered one unpowered, in original Lionel shipping cartons and never opened. I think he would be standing on the curb a looong time before that bus reappears. I know I've been waiting for 4 Godots at the Ebay curb for years to no avail. If I were getting younger, it would be one thing, but I'm not.

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