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Peggy Lee, a singer, grew up in one of the two story stations where agent family lives above the business below.  I have long been interested in these stations, often, with, a grain elevator, adding bumps to the prairie. Quick TV  views were shown of the station and a parked caboose.  I would like a good photo of the station, and caboose and wonder what road once operated them? CBS addressed Peggy Lee's life and how her mother had to operate the station when her father was sloshed. There is a book by a woman who operated a similar prairie station during WWII, when men were at war , that l would like to read. Wimbledon is not in my road atlas.  My brother and l drove across ND adding it to our collection of visited 50 states.  Hope not but doubt we blithely blew through Wimbledon.

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" When all else fails, read the directions", " "Before posting, Google". Just discovered the whole town and ohotos well posted on Google, and that the railroad was the Midland Continental, which l am not familiar with.  The caboose is a side door.  Wimbledon looks like a classic prairie town, but station,  a large rectangle, does not have architectural quirks that would make me an interesting model. Grain elevator is concrete cylinders, and l prefer  more individualistic wooden ones.

Very interesting, not only from a historical perspective, but from an informational one as well. I imagine there were many rural railroad stations across the nation that had living quarters for the station agent on the second floor above the station.

When I lived in San Diego County back in the 1980s, I was fascinated with that region's railroad history. While driving around Del Mar back in 1991, I snapped this photo of the Del Mar station, which was formerly an Amtrak San Diegan stop, and before that, a Santa Fe station. The agent lived upstairs. The trains no longer stop at Del Mar, but now at Solana Beach, a little farther up the line. The wife and I took an Amtrak Surfliner trip from San Diego up to Los Angeles and back last February and it was good to see the old Del Mar station still standing.

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