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Hello all,

I live in a modern condo building and my dreams of a basement size railroad empire will have to be out on hold for the time being. But if you can’t go out, go up right?

We have a mix use office that I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a suspended layout. The room is around 14’x16’ with 15’ ceilings. I favor  the idea of suspending the track from the ceiling at about 8’ off the ground. Therefore the track supports would be coming from the ceiling and not the walls. I was wondering if any other members had gone about this method? Just for reference, I want to accommodate a double loop of Atlas O track, 0-72 on the outer loop and 0-63 on the inner loop.

Here are a few references photos I’ve pulled for inspiration. This is how the grocery store Wegman’s does their ceiling mounted trains.13B72982-09D5-452E-A28A-75E954B96E1E0578605C-D3EF-489F-BF4F-1CF591880C0769A6209A-3B21-48BF-A081-F40293F38B0A


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There were two guys that had ceiling layout systems down here in Austin, TX area. One used copper pipe and wood that was similar to the ones pictured above. We had this style in the model train store I worked at for a G scale train.

The other was very unique and the used wood. They made it look similar to narrow gauge trestles. He advertised in the store and sold kits online. He did several for both G and O scale. Here is their website. Ceiling Train Kit

The only thing I hated was getting up on a ladder to change out the trains. But it is definitely a cool way to run your trains! So good luck with yours!


Two comments:

1.) Check out Jack Black's ceiling level layout for inspiration:

2.) See if you can find, because they're long out of production, these ceiling-level components, which are cool but may be expensive:

Follow this link:

     I have an inter-rail layout in my home (2/5/20) | seacoast

Thanks to fellow forumite @Seacoast for this post.



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So here are some photos of the space. The room is 13.9’x14.2’. The ceiling height is 13.6’

The plan is to have two independent loops. The outer 0-72, the inner 0-63. The entire track will be suspended from the ceiling with wire 8’ off the ground. So no wall supports. The track will go through the closet for a tunnel effect.

I’m toying with several different options. I drew up a few quick track and floor plan sketches.

Option A: keep the double loops of track contained to the room.

Option B: extend the loops into the hallway around 15”.

Option C: extend the loops into the hallway 24”.

I’d love to get y’all’s thoughts.



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Agreed. It will be cool to have it disappear and hear the sound changes with it in the 3 different spaces.

That's a very nice collection of HO and O locomotives you have on display too.

Who make

Thanks, I really appreciate that. All brass I’ve collected over the years.

Sorry, meant to say 0-63. But it’s Atlas who makes them.

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I worked on a ceiling layout that ran around a bar in an uptown bar in Chicago. The bar sold some of its suppliers on the idea of advertising on a boxcar that would circle the bar.

Like some inebriated client would look up and say yeah I'll have a Bacardi Zombie!!

The market for ceiling layouts did in most of the suppliers of support systems.

However, multiple support systems are easy to make with a laser cutter in plexiglass or wood or using conventional materials in steel or aluminum.

I built a double track 10' X 16' Shelf layout. The tow loops are interconnected. I use a Z4000 power supply sending power from each channel to each loop. I also have a portal through the wall to about 18 feet of two track staging. The track and switches are Atlas. I use an HO DC transformer to throw the switched. Here are some links to 3 short videos. I too would run the loops through the walls as others have suggested.

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