Century Club GG1 6-18314 with raspy horn...

I sold this but it came back with no sound and shorting out the track. I found a melted power wire between the two rollers. Classic for a derailment. I think it probably had that when I had it, but in my limited running, it never shorted out to the frame. 

I replaced the wire and I restored the  sound with an Aux 1, #6 but the horn sounds a little raspy. I can quill it at the start of the whistle control and cause it to sound strong but if I just pull the control down, it gets and stays very raspy. The other sounds seem normal, talking and engine sounds including the shut down sounds.

I hesitate to spend $90 to try another sound card...so I'm wondering if there are any other possible causes.


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I think what you're describing is normal behavior of the "Multi-Horn" function. On many of these RailSounds 3 pieces, a simple horn push while the unit is at rest will result in a somewhat muted, dull horn sound. The same horn press, while the loco is moving, will result in a much more "dominant" horn sound.

If you don't think that describes what you're hearing, I'd say to check the unit's speaker. I can't think of anything electrical with the RS3 audio and power boards that would cause the selective sound problems you're describing.


Thanks much. I did check the speaker and it seemed good with tower talk, etc.  I put the shell back on and ran it around the track and it sounded better, strong horn most times, as it was running. The last time I ran it before I sold it,  sounded like I remember. It was just kind odd with the shell off and sitting that the funny raspy seemed to dominate. 

Another thing I noticed was that the rear pilot swinging around when I placed it on the track was able to turn the rear PGM/RUN switch to PGM. That could have also been an issue for the buyer. Something to mention if I sell it again. I've already spent $30 to ship it to the buyer and $30 to ship it back to me, so if I sell it again, I want to be sure it works for the buyer right out of the box.

It's frustrating when selling to have the buyer find it to be a dud. I like to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that even though I didn't have knowledge,  doesn't mean that there wasn't something wrong.

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