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Hey Guys - anyone have experience with the Challenger Geeps . My understanding is that this was a project taken over from Oriental . They were Samhongsa built . How were they overall as far as detail and running qualities ? Was the paintwork up to the better end of Samhongsa's work ? Thanks, Bryan.
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Originally posted by Ray Grosser:
I don't think they were ever done but they may have I just have not seen one. I was looking for a GP-9 and it has been a rather slim search.

Ray- They were imported no doubt there.. Nice models, Red Caboose Geeps killed that one anyway.

Detail is on par with most 1992-1995 import. Samhongsa drive is exceptional like the SD-40's from Oriental Limited's 1987-1989 runs. Paintwork is excellent but no where the quality of today's Korean factory paint. Decals instead of pad lettering etc.

For the money using P&D details and a milled brass frame the Red Caboose is a better model.. albeit very fragile. I am not sure if the hood was too wide on the CIL's or not. Somewhere I have a photo of one.. where I have
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