Changing an MTH Proto-2 or Proto-3 Slave A-unit to independent powered unit.

I have a Proto-2 FT ABBA set that lost reverse on the slave board (I'd also like to run them as separate AB drawbar units as-delivered), and a couple of Proto-3 Turbo Train units I'd like to reconfigure so I can run the prototypical five-unit consist (the interface wiring is too thin). Has anyone switched slave units over to independent locomotives? Any compatibility issues in the MU operation? Thanks.p_001632013-02-06 18.42.02

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I just had G fix a slave that went bad. Very reasonable price.

I had thought about a full upgrade and probably would have if I had the extra cash. It's no different running them that way as it is to run several engines in any consist (lash-up). The one thing that may bite you is forgetting to toggle the direction button when DCS version doesn't get it right. I have been doing it for so long I forget if I still need to? If I skip it and have engines reversed, they'll bite me. Maybe once or twice a year now but they'll bite me.

 If you have G scale engines breaking their electric couplers, you'll know what I mean.

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