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RoyBoy posted:
Kerrigan posted:

Looking over the MTH CabForward tire changing challenge it still appears the only way to get at them is to basically disassemble the locomotive.  Has anyone changed tires on this locomotive and have a simple way to do it?  That would be GREATLY appreciated as the take apart/put back together correctly appears to be a real challenge on this one.

I took the drive rod off and pulled it out from the cross head guide. That allowed the drive wheel to be rotated so that the main rod screw was centered in the cross head guide opening, created by the removal of the cross head. That allowed me to remove the main rod screw and slip the tire past the end of the rod.

Thanks Roy; I'll take a try with this approach.

GHD posted:

Royboy, here are a couple more pictures that I hope help. Make the paper clips straight and then bend the ends so they protrude an eighth of an inch and then solder them together. Make sure the solder closes the gap at the ends so that the tire doesn't get wedged in between them. Go easy with the solder thickness as you'll want them thin for clearance reasons. You'll also note that one tool is curved more than the other. This is a result of my generally starting on one side of the tire and then using the second tool to push the other side down and around the wheel. I hope this helps.IMG_5966IMG_5968

Thank you. I will attempt to make some.

I made a couple of these tools when it was first posted and tried them out yesterday. Someone brought in an MPC era diesel to the shop that needed tires. This engine was one that had the truck sides pressed on so no screws  take them off . Using the paperclip tool was a snap. I don't think it took more then 10 seconds per tire. Thanks for the tip.


Thanks for sharing this method of replacing traction tires. I made up a pair of these and replaced 4 tires on a Premier Alco PA in no time. Otherwise, I would have had too remove the shell, drop the trucks to remove the side-frames to replace the tires. At least an half hour or more probably. It works better than I could ever imagine.

Thanks again, Joe Allen


Thank you GHD!! After a couple hours of futility, I found your post and made two of your paper clip tools. You are right. It took less than a minute to get the tire on my Lionel Alco 420. The side frames are screwed in from the top so, to get them off would have required dropping the truck from the frame. I didn’t want to go there.

Thanks very much for the pictures and movie!


Just wondering is there a trick to soldering the paper clips together, I have tried numerous times and cannot get the solder to stick, i am not new to soldering i have done soldering on copper pipes and wiring but cannot get the paper clips soldered together, and i have about 8 MTH engines that need tires replaced



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