Charles Ro Supply Company "Annual Open House - All Gauges"

Hey all you S Ro's AF selection shown above to see some eye-popping discounts.

There are 5 Cylindrical hoppers at $19.95 each. 4 of them are fantasy paint jobs but there is a Southern Pacific that would work on any layout:

If you've ever thought about one of the AF Railsounds boxcars there are 3 of them with large discounts from MSRP. They work great for all your "soundless" engines.

Just a heads-up! 



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railroad man posted:

At 20.00 dollars each on the hoppers, I just ordered all five. Even with the scale wheels, I will put them on a siding for display only. You can't  beat the price.

Ro also offers the 6-49081 replacement high rail wheeled trucks for $20.00/pair.

Put them on your new hoppers and now you have fully operational cars for $40.00 each. 


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