Cheap diesel, soup it up??

This looks like a modern version for replacement parts for yours. 6-30189 from set 6-38236. it's a 2013 vintage

curiously, they list the two motors at different rpm's

I also noticed when looking at the supplement for the original version, that a foam pad was listed in the fuel tank. Perhaps that was the side to side buffer that was missing from yours. Anyway, you solved that.

Here is a youtube of the horn in the 6-30189




Arctic Railroad

Respectfully, some of you guys are really overthinking this. I’ve done this type of conversion many times, mostly on GP’s (4 or 5) and 2 RS3’s with no problems. The electronic e-units have been able to handle the extra motor with no problem. One thing you should do is inspect and/or clean/lube the power truck. I had two trucks that had hair (cat hair I assume) and steel wool. What a mess!! An alternative, if you want e-unit only, is Dallee Electronics. I’ve used their product many times with no issues. 


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