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I have a few Lionel park accessories that came with children and I picked up a couple of bikes with kids when I did my ice cream kitbash. Now I have searched various websites and came up empty when looking for children. MTHs 12 pack has one child. That will be quite expensive to get a couple of dozen. Have you had any success in this area? Looking to fill this ride and the local train club just purchased a coaster and saucer ride which need to be populated.



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I too have been looking around for miniature children, what a tautology,  for the last several months. No luck! There are a couple of scenes on the layout that beg for them. It looks like this will be yet another thing that may have to be 3D printed. Why when making people would this not, at least semi-regularly, be part of the mix? I never thought about it but I'm curious as to how many O Scale layouts simply don't have this population on them and for the ones that do HELP!


I noticed the same thing but if you take your time and look around you will find them.  I have tons of people - it must be a sickness.  I buy different sets when they go on sale and sometimes pick up the import sets cheap.  About 15 years ago a company called Circus Craft had people in packs of 100.  Men, Women and children. The men and women came with legs and arms off so you could vary poses.  The kids were fixed. I purchased around 500 kids and may have a couple hundred left. I will use them up in my amusement park.  JP

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