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I had a couple hundred elves custom designed and made about 2 christmas's ago.     They are 6 for $15 ($2.50 each) or 9 for $21.60 ($2.40'each) or a dozen for $27.60 ($2.30 each).  Shipping is included in the price for lower 48.  I am probably gonna do another large order from the manufacturer if anyone is interested ina couple dozen +.   I have about 130 on my polar layout.  You really do need at least two dozen!  They come in groups of 3 and have blonde, black and brown hair   They are 1.25" tall   IMG_0097IMG_0096


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They do stand on their own and are made of PVC plastic.  When I had the mold made I had it shipped to me just so I could confirm that I did in fact stand on its own before I had a few hundred made.    The picture without the ruler is of them standing.   24 would be $52.80 ($2.20 each); 48 for $91.20 ($1.90 each). I have them listed in the for sale forum.  If anyone is interested in 48 please let me know by NOv  9 as I am having another batch ran.  I will post different angles photos in a few minutes.  


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Very nice for the money, however, here's a question and suggestion for your 2nd production run. Can that black mold(?) seam running around each figure between its front and back halves be eliminated or at least be camouflaged by the factory painting over it? I don't mean to offend but for me personally, it's so noticeable that it's visually annoying and significantly distracts from the figure's appearance.

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I will check with the manufacturer but the seam Isn't a big deal to me.  I Liken i said I have about 130 on my layout and what draws the eye is the volume and quantity of them, not a seam that is barely visible from 2 feet away.   What I also like about them is that they aren't painted, they are color PVC plastic. They also bend a little (although can't be permanently shaped).  So my 5 year old can have at them without chipping any paint or discoloring them.  He loves taking them down and rearranging them.  One thing I would recommend is not placing them too close to each other, otherwise you will have a domino effect If one falls over.  

Okay, Tom, your point is well taken since in your situation the elves won't be viewed in extreme close-up as shown in your photos but rather in large groupings viewed from a distance where that seam will be barely noticeable while I was thinking more about placing them individually in or in small groups of 2 or 3 in, on, or around locomotives, rolling stock and buildings.

Btw, could you post photos or video showing them on your layout. I'd enjoy seeing 130 frolicking at the North Pole.

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Thanks for sharing Jim, great photos!  They do fit well in the engines. I even have had success running a few laps with them standing on the side of a diesel without falling over.  I just had the manufacturer run anther batch and asked for some samples with some red and grey hair....we shall see.  I still have a  few dozen left before the next batch comes in if anyone is interested. They are still in the for sale or trade section. Enjoy the holidays!. 

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