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Well I have finished this years Train layout.  Down sized big time from the last few years.  Moonman I look for your input!!!  LOL...So this is made in 2 4x4 sections. Both has one inch foam board glued on them and painted white.  I then got a 2 inch sheet of foam and cut it into and cut it for the upper level just to give it a height difference.   The back mountains are in 3 section and carved out of foam also.  They are held in place by just 6 "L" brackets that they sit in.  Under the board I have 5 screw in legs from Lowe's per section.   The rest is just what stuff do I want to put on it.    I have enough of it I could fill our living room.    The track is all Lionel Fastrack. 036 on the bottom loop and 031 on the top.  I have the bottom powered by MTH 1000 watt trans and the top is Lionel 80 watt.   I like running the Lionel Lion Chief engines because of the remotes,  but I do have MTH engines so that when I have the MTH trans on the bottom loop.    So there ya go folks...Merry Christmas from Doug & Annie Home


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  • Christmas 2020 layout 001: The garage start
  • Christmas 2020 layout 012
  • Christmas 2020 layout 006
  • Christmas 2020 layout 008
  • Christmas 2020 layout 007
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