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@Mannyrock posted:

For around $55.00, this looks like a real bargain, . . .if it works OK.  Handles AC or DC, and includes a 3 stop delay timer.

Anybody ever tried one of these?   



After closely reading the AR-2 directions, and even though the AR-2 can be powered by either AC or DC, it is designed for trains running on DC (aka 2-rail) track power, where the DC polarity is reversed to change the train's direction.

The AR-2 reverses the DC polarity to achieve the reverse direction on 2 rail trains; and to pause them, it cuts the power.  As you probably know with Conventional O-Gauge 3 Rail, Forward, Neutral, Reverse operation is accomplished when the AC track voltage momentarily goes to zero .

Unless I've missed something, the Circuitron AR-2 would not pause or reverse 3 rail O Gauge locomotives with a 2 or 3 position E-unit in the way you would expect.

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