I was rummaging around in my hard drive and ran across an old catalog (dated 2011) from Circuitron and thought before I tossed it I'd see if I could download an updated one.  Their website is still up and the catalog is still there, but its all way outdated (2013 seems to be the last update).  I gather that someone is still making the their tortoise switch machines (which is not my interest here) - but their old catalog had lots of electronic goodies for model railroading - a market niche for which they seemed to be one of the first.  Does anyone know whether they are still around?  A google search was little help - nothing about the company and the only direct link was back to the 'out-of-date' company website.

- Rich

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So FWIW, I did send these folks an email at the 'info' email address - after calling their number and getting an automated directory that eventually sent me to voice mail.  I got an email response from Steve Worack - who I think is the founder  and company 'prez' - who said they do have a slightly updated catalog (#302) and that he's working on getting the website up to date...

So it would appear that the lights are on and someone is minding the store.  In their older catalog (#301 dating from ~2013) they offer a lot of built-up circuits - ranging from train detection, block control, crossing flasher/gate to power supplies, sound cards and the aforementioned tortoise switch machines and power supplies.  What I like about this catalog is they have a nicely done section on Applications and the catalog itself is more than just a listing of parts, but they have short descriptions of the boards, etc.  So it will be interesting to see what the update looks like.

For what it’s worth, I’ve used a lot of their products over the years, they have what I think is the tiniest 12 volt grain of wheat bulb with leads I’ve ever seen or used....very nice products....I’m glad to see they are still up and running.........Pat

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