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Circus Craft Kits were produced by Frank Crumrine in LaMesa & San Diego Ca from 1968 to the late 1990s when I belive Frank Crumrine passed away. I do not know if anyone took it over after that.
The kits are wood , circus wagons ,Warren flat car , elephant car and stock car. They where in O ,G & HO size. The kits come up on ebay , HO seems to be the most common.

Years ago I acquired a bunch of circus craft kits in O & G. The G works with standard gauge. Occasionally when it rains in So Calif, I put one together. I haven't made much progress , but I have put a few together. They go together easy with good instructions ,I like Northeastern Flamingo glue for wood kits.

Most recently I built the 70' Warren flat car. The kit does not come with trucks. I used Lionel O gauge trucks.20161229_1152201Kimg0672Kimg0673Kimg0675Kimg0679Kimg0682


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Update on circus train. Found some Wardie-Jay circus kits at our local train club meet (AGTTA).
These kits are older than the Circus Craft Kits, the instruction sheets are dated July 6, 1945. The instructions are limited consisting of diagrams and a photo.The kits have more cast metal parts. some of the wagons have metal spoke wheels and some have rubber tires.The kits fit together well. Photos of some of the finished kits.desktop 002desktop 003desktop 004desktop 006desktop 007desktop 008


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What happened to the circus craft figure moulds , anyone making them now? as I bought 2 bags of 100 unpainted & they were just the right size for the MTH coaches & just right period 1950's.


I know this question was asked quite a while ago, but I was told by a reliable source that the molds are pretty much worn out to the point of being useless.

When I can find them, I pick up packs and bags of their seated children figures.  I intend to paint them in bright pajama schemes and use them to populate my scale Polar Express coaches.

Circus Craft did make some great stuff.


Good News, bad New, Ringling will be back starting September 2023, completely new style of show (no animals, one ring?, no train, even new logo).

The man that produced Wardie-jay kits is still in business and is at York, used to set up at at the TCA Museum Open House during York week and says he has no interest in doing the Circus kits) is into lighting kits for trains now, if I remember correctly.

Would like some Circus people also, maybe some Circus modelers can chime in with the info.


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