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Some of the city scenes on my layout.

Saturday afternoon on Patsburg Ave. IMG_1792

The warehouse district with construction job. IMG_5674

Westend Ave.  Ice cream and Lionel Trains spells yummy fun! fullsizeoutput_1a1

Switch crew works the city industries. IMG_0492

Clarke Kent just stepped out of the phone booth and Dudley runs to catch the train while a dog waters the fire hydrant.  All the while the hot dog stand is busy. IMG_0487

Remember when a bottle of Coke was 5 cents and Preston Tucker had a great idea brought to fruition?   Well, Cokes are still 5 cents and Tucker Automobiles has a dealership in the city of Patsburg.  The Pepsi generation also resides here too!  IMG_0236

At the hot dog stand.  Mr. McDonald teases his dog with a hot dog on a stick. Ol Morely Seaver has been running this hot dog stand for 37 years now.  Best hot dogs in town!! IMG_2604What's a city without junk piles and warehouse/industrial areas. IMG_5754

Cars are coming and going.  The elevated trolley passes overhead. IMG_2054

A night view. IMG_2246

People are out and about as the sun has gone down. IMG_2240


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  • IMG_5674
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  • IMG_2054
  • IMG_2246
  • IMG_2240
  • fullsizeoutput_1a1
  • IMG_0492
  • IMG_0487
  • IMG_0236
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@trumptrain posted:

More city scenes from my layout.

Mr. Murdock  exits the drugstore after having purchased his morning newspaper.  IMG_4998

Willy waits patiently for his morning ride to work. IMG_7669

In every city's industrial area there are street like this. IMG_6063

What's a city without organized crime.  Meet Don and Juan the organizers!  IMG_9899

Patrick, I can just hear the "Don" giving instructions to the conductor...offering a "deal he can't refuse!"  

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