CJ Trains Fall Train & Toy Show, Mt. Hope, Ohio

Has anyone been to the CJ Trains Fall Train & Toy Show in Mt. Hope (Millersburg), Ohio?  I see in the Scheduled Meets column of Run 302 that it will be on November 3, 2018.  (My 62nd birthday)  Barney Google tells me it is a little over 2 1/2 hours from my home, so I am hoping some of you can relate personal experiences here to get me geared up for the long trip. 

I also see on their Website it is put on by the same folks who have the meets in Massillon, Ohio.  I have thought of going to Massillon, but I would always get a late start on a Sunday, so I have never gone.

I am familiar with the area, since our older daughter spent 4 years in college in Canton.  Any opinions and information will be appreciated!!

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Mark, I went to this show which was the first in the new location. The show used to be in Dalton Ohio and that was a good show but the company that owned the building had to take it back for production. It was a while before a new place was found. The first show was growing pains. Mixed reviews. I think the second time the show should be better. The Massillon show is a small show. I go to it every year but have not had good luck there for myself. For you it is a pretty good trip one way. Plus you never know what the weather is going to be.......Paul

Paul, Thank you for your take on it!!   Yes, I saw this is only the second one in Mt. Hope.  You are right about the weather.  If it is bad I won't go.  I don't even go to the Greenberg show in Monroeville less than half that distance when the weather is bad.

There is another show at this location this Saturday, March 23, 2019.  I went to the last Massillon show but wasn't overwhelmed, was asked about going to this one.  Any recommendations, pro or con on attending based upon the previous two shows at the Mt. Hope location?


Greg, I went last year and was overwhelmed by the amount of vendors. Six hundred tables or so. Lots of walking and nice wide aisles. Lots of O gauge. I picked up two dummy 2 rail Weaver RF16 B units $20.00 for the pair. Just be careful on route 241 as you are deep in Amish country, lots of horse and buggy traffic, hills and curves!  Doug

Yes, this is a great show. We would love to attend there, but do to our business, we cannot. Just as the other statement was made in Amish country, we are to. We are very busy with the Amish and I have quite a few Amish Customers that come into our train store. If their is any confusion on that, call us at our store 440-636-5162.  

So if your in the area, and your coming north, feel free to stop at Corner Field Model Railroad Museum & Hobby Shop with the Largest Family Owned 3-Rail Layout in the Country.

Thanks,  the family of Corner Field.

Tom Elesh Sr.

Doug and Tom,

Thank you for the good reports.  As Tom knows, I hurt my back shortly after I posted the original question, and haven't been up for trip that far until maybe now.  I wasn't up for the November Greenberg show in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.  Since Greenberg didn't have a show in Monroeville in February, I haven't been anywhere since last summer.  I may just give it a try, but I'll have to see how the back is doing.  I may have to turn back.  (pun not intended, but I'll take it!) 

Yes, I am aware of the buggy traffic.  We have that next door in Lawrence County Penna too.  But it is good to mention for anyone's sake.

I've been to both shows at the new location and both have been very good: decent selection of O gauge and vendors who will consider fair offers. I found some needful things each time; to include a NIB Downtown Deco building I'd been looking for. Be aware, though, that there are a lot of toys there as well as trains, but it is billed as a toy and train show so that's no surprise.

The weather is supposed to be nice-ish on Saturday. My suggestion is that you should give it a try.

Oh, yeah. I echo all the comments about driving and parking.



I agree with Jim Brenner. I sent to the first Mt Hope show and I thought for a first time it was not too bad. Mt Hope is definitely a larger venue I think at least 600 tables. The Parma show maybe 200 tables. But the Mt Hope show has more toys mixed in with trains. Parma show mostly trains.                                                                             Mark, from my house Mt Hope is a little over an hour drive for me......Paul

Thank you everyone very much!!  I do take the warnings of narrow roads and busy parking lot to heart.  I'm used to narrow windy roads here where I live.  I am also used to seeing a good many toys at the Greenberg show, and as said, toys is part of the draw on this show.  So it sounds like the Mt hope show is worth the extra 15 minutes driving each way over the Parma meet.  2 1/2 hours to Parma versus 2 3/4 hours to Mt. Hope.  If I can arrange it, I'll try to get out there this Saturday.  I'm familiar with my route as far as Canton, since our older daughter went to college at Malone U.

Actually, we were in Mt. Hope once.  We stopped at Lehmann's about 10 years ago before moving our daughter in for that fall semester.

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