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Hi all

I’m a huge N.J. Transit fan. I was saddened when I found out MTH couldn’t produce a cab car due to a licensing matter. However, that didn’t stop me. From reading a few posts awhile back, I know a few others were interested in repainting a cab car, too.

I was recommended to CJB Custom Paining & Designs by Michael Breen.

Pictures are attached; in the middle of a move but had to share. Yes it’s not the actual multilevels in service. The original cab car was a K-Line Metrolink bilevel cab car. I am blown away with how beautiful this is and with what a great job Christine did. Highly recommend her!




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I've got a different story............I negotiated a repaint of a MTH boxcar with Ms. Braden, taking the existing lettering and logo off, and replacing it with new lettering and new logo, both sides. Something very easy to do according to her. She sent the boxcar back after 4 weeks, and after closely looking at it, I noticed she put a liquid on the old lettering and logo, assuming it would come off. It didn't !  She then put new lettering and logo (made of something other than waterslide decals, a vinyl which looked like a sticker) on. I noticed the previous lettering and logo had a "ghost effect" underneath the new.   I emailed her and told her the problem. She agreed and said send it back to her. I did, and after 3 more weeks I emailed her and asked about a update. She said she would get right on it...Another 2 weeks passed and again I emailed her. At that point she hadn't even started it. She blamed my instructions and the fact she had a backlog. I was blown was a person who had been doing this type of work for years, and her customers had rave reviews . She  knew what she was doing and didn't need any instruction from me, As far as a time frame, my project got put on the back burner....again !  I emailed her and asked her to send my boxcar back with my payment ( which i sent in good faith). Won't be dealing with this person any more ! End of story.........

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