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I received these two bottles of train cleaner from my brother in law today ,he got it at some garage sale along with some other items for himself ,it states on the bottles that it is safe for plastic & decals & it can be used on metal ,can this be used to clean track to ?,which is the only use i would need it for ,there are no list of what it is made from ,has anyone ever heard of this stuff ?384D9B0B-CD39-46E1-A0D8-159BBC9E4E2E


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Never heard of it . I would bet that it is  just alcohol repackaged in a nice bottle. I've seen on the bay there is somebody who is doing just that; he is also selling hardware that he calls screws for Lionel that are just regular screws. He also put out a couple of sheets stapled together with ways to clean trains that was just what you would read on this site and was selling it for about 10.00.

Jim ,that's interesting i haven 't opened it yet i will do that in a few minutes & i will post what i have found .I just came up from the layout ,it isn't alcohol doesn't smell anything close to alcohol ,it is pink in color & has an oil feel to it i tried some on a couple of my rolling stock & it does clean them very good & leaves a slight shine to them ,i even cleaned a yellow flashlight i had & it came out really good ,but i am not sure what effect it would have on my fast track ,i might try it on a piece of extra fast track i have & see how it looks ,it also says it can be used on any model  you may be building .

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It might be rebottled Nail Polish Remover (Acetone). Do not let it get on any painted surfaces or molded plastics until you test it on something you have that is a scrap piece that you won't feel bad if it damages it. It will probably clean track okay as long as your track doesn't have any paint on it. Test on a scrap piece of track to make sure it doesn't damage your track ties, ballast glue,or layout paint under and near your tracks. Also if it is acetone, it's highly flammable. Make sure you have all your layout power off before using it, and it's all totally dry if you do use it before you power anything up, personally, I wouldn't use it, but that's up to you. I prefer Lacquer Thinner for cleaning my track, wheels, and power pickups on my locomotives.

Gary, since i can't be sure what was used to make this stuff ,i will just keep using w-d 40 as i have been doing all along ,after i clean the track with the w-d40 i put a coat of top coat on ,it repels dirt ,dust & moisture ,been doing it this way for many years .I will most likely just throw it out no sense  in taking any chances .I never bother to clean my rolling stock ,other than to wipe them with a damp rag to get the dust off ,mostly once a year ,not a big fan of dusting ,i am just to lazy to bother .  Thanks to all who responded .

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