I have an odd question to ask.  I just bought a used Cab-2 controller that came a little dirty.  The grey rubber grips on the side of the controller had black dirt/grime all over them.  I tried rubbing the grime off with a little alcohol, but it made the rubber all sticky and nasty.  Did I ruin it?  Is there any way to rectify or fix this?  Anyone had luck cleaning those grips?  

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I use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove the rubberized coating they put on the Legacy remote.  It gets sticky from age, my older one would literally stick to my hand!  Just take a rag and scrub the coating with the alcohol and it'll come off and reveal a smooth plastic surface that won't stick to anything.


This coating does that as it ages, the Legacy remote isn't the first time I've seen this, several of my Verizon TV remotes had the same issue, and I fixed it the same way.


This happened to me and a number of people in our club.  As they get older, the coating gets sticky, not sure why.  It also happens to other stuff with a similar coating, the Verizon FiOS remote and a couple of USB Flash drives also got sticky, and the same fix solved the problem.  Now all of those devices have a glossy plastic finish, and they no longer stick to my hands.


My two old Legacy remotes got polished, the fairly new one still hasn't turned sticky, so it has it's coating as of now.


I have had a couple of my early release Legacy remotes do the same.  Takes a bit of work, but the 99% Alcohol takes it off.  I too have seen other remotes for Electronic devices do the same.  First thing you think is someone had stuff on there hands, but it just seems to start happening one day.

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