I have an 80 watt Lionel transformer and a set of alligator test leads. For some reason I was only able to get 1 MTH engine to run so I could clean the wheels. The MTH’s are PS3 and the Lionel’s are Legacy. What did I do wrong?  Trying to get the wheels to turn when the engines are upside down in the foam cradle. 



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actually it is very easy just put the engine  in some kind of cradle to hold it upside down . then attach  2 alligator leads red n blk hook red form transformer Lionel red to center  rail or roller of engine then connect black wire from black connector on transformer to engine ground metal frame,. making sure red lead does not short to frame while connecting red to roller that  does not connect to frame at same time as roller. then just run engine as usual. make sure engine smoke switch is turned off before you run engine!


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Important note, there are a couple of steamers that will bend rods when they're upside down running!  Marty Fitzhenry had mentioned this to me years ago, so I'm a bit cautious about doing that.  Sadly, I don't remember the exact models he mentioned.

You'll also want to make SURE the smoke is turned off.

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