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Hi everybody

I'm not an extremists,but I live at a place where there is dust and car and diesel soot also,

After 20 or so years,all my train cars and engines really need to be cleaned

I'm thinking warm water with a drop or 2 of dish soap?

I'm not sure what type of brush or something that will get in the nooks and crannies,but also not take forever and also not taking of any paint or ruining the surface in general

Basically everything has a good layer of mostly dust on it.


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Thanks Ken

At this point a feather duster won't work,but I was thinging along the lines of a small paint brush and warm water with a drop or 2 of dish soap. I'm thinking if a small paint brush would leave scratches,and how to identify bristles that wouldn't leave scratches

Whatever I do I'm going to start with a standard box car,clean it,let it dry and take it out in the sun and check for results.

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Good idea Ben

I'll check with the big boss for her to pick one up

I'm refraining from making a guys and makeup brush joke,but I will tell you something funny

I rebuild automatic transmissions for a living, 20 something years ago when it was time to pick a email address and a user name for most sites, I picked transmanjoe.

Now over the last few years when I'm talking to somebody and they ask for my email address, I find my self more and more mentioning that I am a  automatic transmission mechanic, not the other thing.

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I would second bluelinec4 and Yellowstone Special's comments.  I use those two types of brushes for dust removal all  the time.  The only other item I use is a can of Dust Off - compressed air.  That gets to places like the inside of a superdetailed  steam engine backhead.  The only time I've ever had to use something stronger like cleaning wax was when I purchased an item that had been sitting around in various unknown environments for what had to have been a long time and had acquired some serious surface dirt.

Thanks Ben

Wife went to the dollar store and got me three different cosmetic brush's ,and a 2ft X 1ft and 6 inch tall plastic container to do it in.

I used warm water and a drop of dish soap in a Chinese restaurant sauce container (the little ones)

barely touched the brush to the water to get it wet,and that was plenty

Worked Great!

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