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Mechanical cleaning with a small soft wire brush, Scothbrite pads the better choice, be careful not to remove all, (all) of the galvanized coating.   I have painted track/switches with Testors Model Master acrylic paint, and removed paint, from the top of the rail, as needed, for proper operation.  Long storage, or a humid environment, a light coating with 3&1 oil to inhibit surface rust.  IMO   Mike CT.  

New switch 

Painted, Airbrush application.  Paint removed, from the top of rail, with lacquer thinner (note safety precaution), and a scotch brite pad. 

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I'd clean the turnouts by hand. Soft brass "toothbrush", scotchbrite, brush clean with paintbrush then Light oil rag rub. Repeat in a few days, then weeks, then months, etc.. The need will fade.

Removing too much oil with solvents is how the rust got a foothold. Only the railhead and flange rub need to be real clean. Thats only like 50° out of the tube diameters 360° and starting at 1oclk-4oclk, thats a small grade(1°), an apex(12oclk), and a grade (4oclk). Excess oil elsewere won't climb up to get to twelve or three oclk.  Most metal likes a thin coat of oil. Just what it's surface can hold when dry wiped well with a clean cloth.

Inspect connections; rivits, tabs may need cleaning, flushing dry and reset(pressed,knurled,etc) to reseat the connection. Bad rust might need penetrating oil... better off the rivit is replaced really.

(i like wd-40 to cleañ & flush, never lube. Leaves most tin paint looking nicer too.)

CRC electrical contact cleaner; nice protectant in it  

From appearance, a little CRC cleaning and on contacts is about all those need. Basically a polishing.

Foil kinda works for a fine abrasive. Not messy anyhow. I used to use it on my spokes as a kid. I think the way it holds shape allows a softer grip too. It may be an decent arthritic alternative to fine wools. 

Worth a shot to see if you like it.

   Just a few years ago I sold a blue 40s JC Higgins  batwing headlight/battery "gas" tank / rocket nozzle luggage rack, 1/4 skirts w/louvers, etc. All original but 3 links of skiptooth chain. When I brave another try at a ride today it's on a metallic brown Raleigh 20 Folder, chrome fenders, aluminum rack, rectangle mirrors, speedo(kmh), removeable batt.op, lantern style lamp, w/visor swinging handle, and a 2cnd swan neck headight & small tailight on the 6v generator. It looks like it belongs in Quadrophenia with all the chome up front. It holds it own next to a Crate or Murry chopper.

   I have another folder. A nice.aluminum Micro I once imagined might be taken along on travels on public transportation; in the case it's like a fat umbrella with a wheel at the bottom. Injuries will likely prevent those rail rides, to ride, from ever happening though... So you'd better do it for me

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