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Another long put off project. Recycling an old layout top to make a dedicated clockwork layout. This will be for use at meets and shows so I mostly want a decent size loop and some track in the middle to display some accessories and parked trains. Outer loop is Hafner track with some nice cam actuated Mettoy switches. The turn table and grade crossing are Hornby. Still need to resize some track in the middle and find where I hid all my Hornby bumpers. A work in progress.








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A couple of thoughts to share.

When I built mine I noticed that with the tight curvature that super elevating them was needed and some track has this built in to avoid the engine taking off. Another thing I experienced was the lightweight Hornby and Marx cars had a tendency to be sensitive to every imperfection in the track ( bouncing  or tipping under coupler strain etc )and so I lightly weighted them and that made a huge difference.

For what it's worth.....

It's a lot of fun once it's "fine tuned"



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