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To add to this:

The Märklin designers had many  smart ideas. They also made in 1906 a so called Heizwagen (heating car) in gauge one which just was a boiler on wheels. It included some tubing with leaking connections such that you could heat your passenger cars and showing steam coming from the connections.

It was based on a real steam heating car used in one of the first train running in winter with an electric locomotive in Germany.




Well, that's very interesting... never knew that existed.  Here I thought I was being innovative by hiding an additional clockwork motor in the occasional Marx tender:


...and I do run the occasional long trains on my windup layout using distributed power, usually with one locomotive on the front and the other at the rear as a pusher.  It actually works well; the trains aren't too particular about how they are made up or where the 2nd loco is situated.  The tough thing to do is start both locomotives at the same time when they are more than an arm's length apart!


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