I just acquired some 18 inch Lionel streamlined passenger cars that are highly detailed. However, I would like to modify these cars for close coupling. Wonder if anyone has done this and how they did it.


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Honestly, I'd post this over in the 2R/3RS forums.


He already did, and it was moved to the 3-Rail 027 Trains Forum, apparently since the cars are not "scale" anyway.


Without knowing the brand and model numbers any information given could be in error. Many years ago I performed exactly what you are wanting to do. Doing so varies from maker to maker. Yes, if done properly it does look nice. Be prepared as it is not a cheap project.



I looked and didn't see it. This was the reason behind my post. You will see that I deleted my earlier post. With that said all I can add for you is, Thank you!


Ray of sunshine,

You might post in the WTB forum. Someone should have the information that you are seeking. Also, I know that there was a article sometime ago about this very subject in OGR. Since you're a Digital Subscriber, you might try the back copies available for this article. Next, I would send a email to Jim Barrett. He may be able to shorten your search. Secondly, have you performed a search of back topics on the forum? Lastly, what you're wanting to do is not hard to do. Take your time once you get started as the mistakes do get expensive...Good Luck!

Just did a search "close coupling" and did not find anything that answers my question. 


I have LIONEL 18 inch aluminum passenger cars, 900-25600, and thought it would be nice to change out the couplers so that I can have closer coupling. 


I will looking into the back issues of OGR Mag and see what I can find.

I installed Katy couplers on my UP 18 inch Aluminum cars,I had to make spacers to get the couplers at the right height,I now have a 3/16 inch gap between the diaphrgms which is right on the 096 curves as they just touch.



UP 2

wp 4

UP 1

wp 4


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I did a brief tutorial on converting lionel heavy weights to close coupled kadee couplers May 21 ,2014. Search under converting lionel heavy weights to kadee. should get you there.


I've done almost all current manufacturers on my RR. Each is different and you are limited by your track radius. Mine are o/144 so it is not a problem.


good luck.

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