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I recently finished my latest custom design-- an O Scale DRX-6-4-2000, the unique variant of Baldwin's "baby-faced" diesels specially produced for the Central Railroad of New Jersey.


This engine started off as a Williams FM Trainmaster that the previous owner had converted to TMCC with an Electric Railroad upgrade kit. I covered some of the repair work done to the original chassis in a separate topic. The short summary is, check your pickup rollers for rust on the inside!

ERR TMCC Conversion Williams FM

After dismantling the locomotive and taking meticulous measurements of the FM's frame and drivetrain, I spent a whole weekend working in Fusion 360 to render the locomotive. Here is an article from American Rails with a good writeup on the whole Baldwin DR6 family. I designed the body as two halves, each small enough to fit comfortably on my 3D printer bed, that would snap together with tabs.

CNJ Two Cab Baldwin cab tab design

After a couple days of nonstop printing, I had matching body sections printed out in sturdy ABS filament. With a little bit of sanding and filing I was able to get a nice tight fit onto the donor frame while reusing the original body screw tabs on each end.


The next step was to design the pilots for the locomotive. As a compromise between scale looks and three-rail functionality, I went with frame-mounted pilots with just enough clearance to slide an Electrocoupler through.

CNJ Two Cab Baldwin Pilot design

It took a few iterations to get the fit just right, but I was able to reuse the truck-mounted Electrocouplers that I already had from the donor frame.


With the body and the pilots printed and fitted, it was time to paint! After strongly considering the orange-and-blue scheme used on the DR6s in the 1940s, I decided to go with a blue and white livery used by the CNJ on their road diesels in the 1960s. 2 full coats of Rustoleum 2x primer-paint aerosol did the job just right.


I ended up combining two sets of K4 Pacific decals-- a Central RR of New Jersey boxcar kit and a Lehigh and New England ALCO PA kit-- to produce the effect I was looking for.


Applying the pinstripes was tedious but the results were well worth the effort. The thin stripes resemble the green and gold livery the DR6s wore towards the end of their service in the 1950s.


After topcoating with some Rustoleum Matte Clear, taping in windows and gluing in grabirons, my new locomotive was ready to roll!


Here's the DR6 hauling some passenger cars around the layout.


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  • ERR TMCC Conversion Williams FM
  • CNJ Two Cab Baldwin cab tab design
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  • CNJ Two Cab Baldwin Pilot design
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I realized after looking at this for a couple days that something seemed to be missing from the cab roof. Diesel horns!


I just finished designing and printing a whole bunch of replacement Kusan diesel horns for one of my friends a few weeks ago. I still had a couple of extras on hand which got me thinking for this project.

Mk1 KMM Kusan Diesel Horn [1)

After a little clipping and some superglue, my CNJ DR6 looks a lot more complete!

Adding diesel horn [1)


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  • Adding diesel horn (1)
  • Mk1 KMM Kusan Diesel Horn (1)
  • IMG_20220805_125421018
@coach joe posted:

Would the front cab section fit on a RMT F unit?   I forget what eep they are.

That's the "Beef", right? I believe that it uses the same motor block as the Beep, which is about 9.25" from coupler face to face. I have a CAD model of the Beep motor (because I designed a RX500 locomotive conversion kit), here's what it looks like when set under the DR6's cab section. The tricky thing about the Beep family is that there aren't screw holes holding the bodies on, they just kind of snap on top of the frame.

CNJ Baldwin cab on Beep frame mockup 002


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  • CNJ Baldwin cab on Beep frame mockup 002

Is this 2 piece shell same detail as the 3 piece original kit? Thanks. Walter

The 2-piece shell Baldwin DR6 depicted here is the original prototype from 2022, which was printed with ABS filament. The 3-piece kits that you have are the improved resin-bodied versions introduced last year. I had to make the resin kit in 3 pieces because the original parts were too large to fit in my resin printer's print envelope.

Here is a side-by-side showing one of the resin body sections next to my personal build. The resin kit is sharper than the filament one, but not so much that I am willing to tear down and rebuild the prototype (especially since I have no desire to line up those fiddly little pinstripes again).

2pc Filament vs 3pc Resin DR6


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  • 2pc Filament vs 3pc Resin DR6

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