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Now you're talkin!   Very creative concept and wonderful execution. I love it!

Integrating tinplate accessories with quality scenery is my favorite topic. If you don't mind  my broadening your thread, I bet there are other projects like this out there that maybe people would be willing to share. Here are a few shots of my colliery scene, including several spiffed up accessories.  Nothing that holds a candle to yours, but sort of in the same category:


jackiejr, Great work.

Avanti, I like the wood deck look you created on the log loader.  I will have to look into doing something like that.

I like the rework of all of these accessories.  It really gives it more of a real function verses toy look.


I took the roof & posts off of my log loader and will drop logs from an upper level track down a chute to the loader.  The project is on hold right now as this track area is being totally redesigned.  Click on link below.


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