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Ideas always seem to pop in my head all the time. I was walking through my local Michaels craft store the other day while walking by some of the Halloween stuff and spotted some unpainted DIY wood coffin signs for 40% off.

I picked one up and brought it home. Looking at it an idea popped in my head. A short trolley line with a bump and go trolley. Grabbing some old O27 tubular track I laid out some track and test fit some straight track. Had to cut one short custom piece to make it work.

Once done I grabbed some flat black spray paint and painted the coffin I picked up some handles to add to the coffin for extra detail. Looking through a parts box I have dug out a Marx Ho scale station platform not O scale but I like how it looks and fits on the space. Will repaint the roof a different color later this week.

Will be making a tombstone bumper to add at the end of the line out of foam board. Need to track down a bump and go trolley to run on the line. Along with a proper name for this short trolley line. Lots more to do before Halloween.


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