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Following up on some previous posts about this new train shopIn Boyertown, PA. My wife and I had the chance to visit there yesterday. As noted previously, this shop is being run by the folks from Ye Olde Train Shop, closed after the owner passed away. This is a nice shop- not huge, but building up a nice inventory. A good selection of MTH, both Rail King and Premier as well as Lionel Legacy. Found some MTH Premier recent release Union Pacific passenger cars I had been looking for. Great bunch of guys running the shop who are really nice. So, if you can make the trip there, it would be nice to support a new train shop- we don’t get too many new shops starting up.

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Good afternoon, can you give a location where this store is located.

I am working in Boyertown and staying in Pottstown.

I noticed going thru town on route PA State Route 73 South you pass a hobby store on the right hand side before you cross the railroad tracks but I haven't had the time time to stop in and look around.

I have a larger truck so parking is always a challenge.

On another note the scenic train ( sorry forget the name) that is located in Boyertown looks nice. A few nice and usual buildings around the train station.

Hey Mark,

the train shop is right near the Colebrookdale scenic railroad. It is a little “out of sight”. We had to walk around for a few minutes to find the entrance. There is a long parking area behind the shop that would accommodate a larger truck. But note that the streets are a bit narrow in this area. Also, the Boyertown post office and municipal building is right across the street from the front of this shop. From the front, the shop sits back off of the street with a grassy area in front. Looks like you are walking through someone’s yard to walk in the front entrance. Hope this helps.

How about a name and address of the shop? Only about 2 hours from me a nice Saturday afternoon trip. Phone number also if you have one?

@Johnsgg1 posted:

I service/repair mostly old school Lionel, Flyer, Marx for the shop, same as I did for Ye Olde Train Shoppe.  The guys also have two MTH techs and an HO/N guru.  Stop in and say hi, even if it's just to check it out and browse around.

@RJT posted:

How about a name and address of the shop? Only about 2 hours from me a nice Saturday afternoon trip. Phone number also if you have one?

Rick, I'm sure you visit Neely's in Altoona.  Going to be in Altoona to spend Thanksgiving with Mom and the family.  I will also be visiting Neely's.  Also at a new location.  1538 East Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, PA 16602.

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My daughter and I went and it was a little hard to find.  We drove past it twice before looking closer until we finally found it.  The entrance is to the rear of the building.

Anyway, they had some interesting items.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I left with 2 Lionel starter sets to put around the tree.

It was really refreshing to be able to go to a brick-and-mortar train shop.  I havn't been to one in quite some time.

Good afternoon, I am working down in this area and when I was coming up thru Boyertown early this morning I noticed the new shop.

The other shop Ottos Trains is still there.

I was stopped in traffic this afternoon and got a good look at the new shop.

The sign on the shop reads Tim’s Trains.

No activity around the store and the lights appeared to be off inside.

I will get another look in the morning when there is less traffic.

I have a medium size truck so you have to be paying attention, narrow street down thru there !!!!!

Wow, reading this post was like seeing something come and go before your very eyes . Hope they have reopened, even if only part time.

Yes it has happened.  There were issues with the old location and not much foot traffic. Tim opened up on main st where the foot traffic is and next to the Colebrookdale RR excursion. Hopefully he will do better at this new location.

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