Color Changing LED bulbs

They are remote controlled with a wireless, dimable, and have 16 color variations, including blinking and fit a standard light socket. Change the mood of your layout instantly. On sale $15- $21.41IfHyml67L._SY400_


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Oh I don't know ...I think it's a heads up for those wanting to be able to changing the overhead lighting on a layout. 

I have about 10 can lights over my layout and to be able to change the "scene" lighting to say a blue color would help simulate "night time".

I'd consider using the BR30 equivalents like this color changing bulb:

Geeni PRISMA Drop 65W Equivalent Multi-Color BR30 Smart LED Light Bulb but at $28.00/bulb I think I'll pass for now.


Found some can light bulbs on Ebay for  $20.00/bulb:


still too pricey for me.


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