I was on a Colorado trains tour from a Seattle tour operator last week with my wife. Ironically, I was the only dedicated railfan in the entire group, the rest (mostly retirees) apparently were just looking for something different to do that week.
Anyway, we did 4 train rides.
First was at Royal Gorge. No F units running, sadly, but it was a neat experience as we got dome car seats.
I got to ride behind my old friend 488 again at C&TS, then the Silverton for the fist time (everyone else went to dinner the night before, I hung around the station at Durango until they buttoned up for the night), behind 476.
Behind 111 at Georgetown Loop, then I ducked out of the final day in Denver to hit the CO RR museum at Golden and then Caboose hobbies. I took the goose tour and even got a ride up front with the crew!
Anyway, it was a great but very hectic week.

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Thanks, guys. I still can't believe I got to ride four 3-foot lines in as many days (and a standard gauge one the day before that)!

I'd only been to the CO RR museum and Cumbres & Toltec before (1990s and 2012, respectively). This was my wife's idea, a present for my 50th birthday year (my birthday isn't until November, but nothing cool is happening then, so we did it in June).

The odd part was on the longer 3-footer rides, people were saying how bored they were.


Behind steam?

How is that possible?

Fantastic!  Great gift.  My idea of railroading since the 1950's.   Have not done the Royal Gorge trip.  So many RR history sites to explore in Colorado, whether "narrow-minded", or not.  As for bored retirees, l have no interest in interests many spend hours and dollars on, preferring to create something.  Odd,   if they have no interest, as probably not a cheap trip.  Looks like they didn't get in way of good photos, though.  When l rode the C&T, there was no shortage of railfans.

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Wow Lee, sure looks like a fun time! Thanks for sharing your trip with the rest of us! Must have been a blast to ride up front with the guys! I am glad you had a chance to make the trip!


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