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Hello everyone!

Good morning! In the next few months (JAN 2024) my wife and I will be moving to Colorado Springs, CO. I've done some research on potential train stores and clubs but what I've found is O Gauge is not big in Colorado.

How I see it CO is a great spot for railroading! We have Union Station, UP has special trains (4014, 844 etc.) that do excursions, trains shows etc. Hopefully with this post the ones who are in the Colorado Springs area or CO state can possibly collaborate together!

My plan is to start a layout in our next house however, I'm going to need major help. Benchwork and wood working portion of layout building is my Achilles Heel. Building layouts is great because it combines lots of people in our great community together to build something amazing!

Thank you for reading my post and happy railroading!

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I'm up in Denver. It's pretty slim pickings for dealers. HobbyTown USA (which is where Only 3 Rail is in Westminster) has some stuff. N Scale Supply/Rocky Mountain Train Supply is getting better for O Scale. YMR (Youth in Model Railroading) Train Shoppe is also in Westminster. They'd also be great to contact for layout building help. Lots of knowledge there.

I know @CHOO-CHOO MIKE and the High Plains 3 Railers club go to the Colorado Railroad Museum a few times a year (including a week from now). I think there's one other exclusive 3 rail club around the front range but I've only ever seen them at shows.

There are several multi scale or 2 rail O gauge clubs along the front range.

Will, have you checked out the wealth of information on the RMDTCA website?

The Rocky Mountain Division - Train Collectors Association has train Meets, Auctions, and monthly meetings.  There are also RMDTCA members in Colorado Springs.  Before I started my layout building the RMDTCA members very generously allowed me to visit their layouts and "pick their brains" for helpful information.

You are welcome to visit my Run Room in  South Metro Denver where I'm happy to share any thing you would like to know.  Contact me through my website.

Welcome to Colorado!!

Susan Deats

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