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Let me begin by saying I have a small (maybe 8 foot) oval layout consisting of some smarttrack and new Menard tubular track.  I have a conventional ZW powering the layout, and am using a CAB1-L and Base1-L for the command system.  I can run my command control engine around the oval just fine, it obeys the speed control, horn/whistle buttons, direction button, etc..  Pretty much perfect.  I then connect my command control culvert loader as well as the command control culvert unloader.  I installed the ramp to connect the unloader to the loader so the accessories are next to each other.  I hook them up properly to the ZW, and define unique engine IDs to each.  They operate perfectly on their own.

However, when the train pulls up to the unloader, as I'm trying to position it so the culvert gondola is under the crane, the engine goes bonkers.  It speeds up on its own, and the 'DIR' button becomes unresponsive.  The engine is really unresponsive when its on the tubular track that is in the 'channel' (or whatever it's called) for the track on the accessories.

I have the power posts for the accessories connected to the same post on the ZW that the track is connected to.  Could that be a problem?  Or is it some short somewhere in the operating accessories?  I'm thinking the latter, but am really not sure.

I hope my explanation of the situation is understandable.

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@Joe Fermani,

I was just able to get back to this and try your suggestion.  It works like a champ now.  I had my test track and CAB1-L Base connected to my ZW, and connected the loader and unloader to a spare KW transformer I had.  There was absolutely no problem.  I have total control of the TMCC engine while it was in the culvert loader and culvert unloader areas unlike before.  The TMCC culvert accessories also worked flawlessly.  I was able to do numerous consecutive runs of just unloading and loading the culverts.  I had a pretty good time!

Thanks a lot!

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