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It just occurred to me, thumbing through the October/November issue of OGR, seeing the numerous stunning photos, that the Forum could include in its directory the above subject. 

If Forum members commit to keeping all their comments positive, and I can assure you that I will, this idea could provide many testimonials which could be great for promoting both OGR Magazine and its On-Line Forum.

What do you think?



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Yesterday I received the Run 322 February/March issue in the mail, which I believe is outstanding.

It has articles and photos of great layouts, an uplifting and optimistic Editor's Corner article by Allan Miller about the state of our hobby, an interesting Team Track article about DCS by Dave Minarik, an amusing article entitled Mystery Box by Alan Arnold, among other things.

This is not a flimsy issue, but one with plenty of meat on the bone IMO.

Please feel free to share your own comments here about this issue of OGR Magazine.


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