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Got a steal of a deal and purchased 3 of the 80 foot GGD heavyweights in Pullman Green unlettered. They will be Maine Central to go behind my MEC Pacific steam engine. However, I need at least one or two head end cars like a Baggage or Baggage and an RPO. The only ones I see that MAY work are the Atlas Trainman Green unlettered 60 foot cars, but I am not sure the details on them would be considerably less than the GGD cars or a good match. Anyone have an idea? They may be trainman cars but they have been running about 110 bucks. I don't want to buy them only to find out they do not match well color or detail wise.

Vince in New Mexico

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I have both GGD and some of the Atlas TM heavyweights. The detail level is comparable and the TM cars are certainly scale albeit shorter cars. I think they would fit together quite well if you’re modeling a branchline or regional “no-name” passenger train. Color matching will be totally up in the air, no idea. The Atlas cars I have were custom painted by the previous owner.

So, you purchased those cars off that auction site!   I had my eyes on them but passed because I already more than my fair share.  Glad they found a good home.  I would agree with the consensus that the Atlas Trainmain cars are a pretty good fit for head end cars.  60' baggage cars were fairly common.  Each has some nice details.  While they did not do them in Maine Central, there will likely be undecorated ones offered again after the current offerings of coaches and PS sleepers are produced.

Photos for reference:

Atlas Trainman 60' Baggage.  I like the vents in the clerestory on this car.  Nicely detailed.


GGD Baggage in PRR and Erie.  Note the depth at the doors and the rounded edges.  A nice touch.  While the cars are based on the PRR B70, a change in the doors makes a huge difference in making the Erie one less "Pennsy".


Finally, the Weaver B60 baggage car.  Again, a PRR prototype with PRR 2D-P5 style trucks.  The truck style and the porthole windows were on all road names that Weaver and subsequently Lionel has offered on this car.  The first photo is with the balloon roof and I'm not sure how I missed that a truck was off the rails when I photographed it.


The same style car, but an earlier version with the original clerestory roof.


Hope this helps with your search!


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