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Comparing the Atlas and RailKing RS-3


I am considering the purchase of an RS-3.  Looking for reader comments about the two versions from these manufacturers.


Pros and cons needed about detail, performance, sound, reliability and value.




Atlas Trainman RS-3 shown.



 atlas o rs-3 trainman 20043006_TQ



RailKing RS-3 shown


railking rs-3 30-20019-1





Images (2)
  • atlas o rs-3 trainman 20043006_TQ
  • railking rs-3 30-20019-1
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This may answer your query:


This question gets asked half dozen times a year I bet.


From the 2 photos you posted, neither appear to be correct, at least with the handrail stanchions.  From what I've read the handrail stanchions were mounted on top of the walkway, not on the sides or underneath.  However, P&D has parts for that.


It might boil down to what command system you desire to use.  If it doesn't matter, pick  one that comes closest to what you're looking for I think any of the new ones perform nicely.  My Railking RS now has ERR Cruise Commander guts inside (came with Locosound).

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