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SOLD PAID - MTH Pennsylvania “Fleet of Modernism” 18” streamlined passenger cars.  This paint scheme was on the PRR’s first lightweight passenger cars in the 1940s.  It looks great behind any Pennsylvania power.  There are eight different cars in this set making up a train 12 feet long.    Take all eight of them for $299.  That’s just over $37 per car.  Shipping (in three large cartons) will be $125.   This set will really dress up your PRR layout!

SOLD Pending Payment Atlas Union Texas Petroleum and ACFX 33,000 gallon tank car set. This batch has three of the giant chemical cars in the beautiful UTP scheme.  There is a plain black tanker as well for variety.   These are great cars and really have a presence in a train coming out of the lone star state.  They all look new. Take all four for $99 including delivery.

SOLD Pending Payment - MTH Northern Pacific Coal Gondola set, five cars – These are good looking NP coal cars with good trucks and a heavy load of coal.  The five-car string is impressive.  Brand new, never run.  Take all five for $99 including delivery.  --Sold pending payment, a backup buyer in line too --

I prefer USPS Postal Money Orders, but can also take Paypal F&F.  Shipping will be by FEDEX Ground.  Message me at jmm2q6@gmail.comThanks, OGR!


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  • PennsyFOM
  • PennsyFOM1
  • PennsyFOM2
  • PennsyFOM3
  • Union Texas Boxes
  • Union Texas Tank Car
  • Union Texas Tankers
  • NP Coal Hopper Car
  • NP Coal Hoppers
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