Amateur... that is us. We need to draw, join together, and label the various items that comprise our control system. Transformer to TIU to AIUs, to relays, to turnouts, track power, lights, terminal boards, etc.

It is all working thanks to several of you here but we need to get it written down so that when something breaks or we want to add more, we can track it down

We need to be able to add information such as wire gauge, color, location, etc.

Does anyone know of a simple computer program that we can use for this? We have already experienced that it is a lot better to write it down at first than to have to recreate what we already figured out and forgot.

Sounds like an age thing to me.

Thanks so much.


PS  We are not knowledgeable about resistors, capacitors, etc, except to be dangerous. Learning but not learned. Getting there however.

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I use TinyCad for many of my diagrams, it's totally free.  It's simple and does all I need it to do.  Here's a couple of examples of typical uses for the program, click on them to expand.



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If you’re not creating schematics at the electronic component level, you might even be able to use office automation software like PowerPoint, Google Slides, Visio, or even the track design program SCARM.

You would make rectangles representing the components, and lines for the wires.  Of course you would have to label them accordingly.

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Some folks here have made some nice layout wiring diagrams using Power Point. I have not used PP, but I have used TinyCad before, a few years ago. Possibly a bit of a learning curve, but it's certainly useable.

I like to use Microsoft Paint to create block diagrams and such. You can load images and edit them on a free form canvas. Add text, rectangles, draw lines, circles, whatever. And most importantly it has an undo function that remembers all of your mistakes. Here's a sample:



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