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After talking with a couple dealers at the Atlantic Division meet this past weekend and their dealings now with Prewar trains, most have mentioned that the Standard Gauge market is softening and not as in demand, despite some dealers having older market prices on their Standard Gauge now as well as general public perceptions of the trains being worth a fortune.

With that, I figured I'd take a look around online and see if that was the case.  Sure enough, just a few minutes ago, I pulled the trigger on a really nice Ives Standard Gauge set that cost me less than a Prewar O or even some Postwar O!  In fact, it was cheaper than a current Lionel starter set!

I'll post photos when I get it, as well as after I get a circle or oval of Standard Gauge track!  

I guess this decides what runs under the tree this year!

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My gosh, what beautiful machines!  My mind is now going back to the Ives factory, people on the line assembling the train I'll be getting.  How it was run and enjoyed under Christmas trees, maybe a layout or just on a floor.

A child and dad (or both mom and dad) watching the train go round, having it make stops on it's route from New York to Chicago.

These are the trains, to me, that fire an imagination.  

Congrats Eddie - first thing I'd do would be to talk my dad out of his Blue Comet. Offer him $50 - Clem Clement says that the fitty dolla Blue Comet is out there somewhere!.  There is just something about that shiny rattly train stomping down the track that just gets in your head. I recently got my 8 section modular layout running, the grandkids were completely captivated.

Jim Waterman

The Ives set (which looks to be set 690 from 1924 or so: 3235 loco, 171 Buffet and 173 Observation) arrived on Friday!  I will post pics as soon as I can, but I am simply amazed at how beautiful this set is.

The look, feel and craftsmanship "From the Ives Shops!" is simply amazing.  I never thought I'd be bowled over by a train by just looking at it in the box.  

Now to get some track and get her ready for Christmas!

After that, more locos and cars to keep it company!  Not that it will be lonely from sitting  - this will be run as much as possible!

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