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This thread is to give a shout out of congratulations to Midge on her retirement and a huge thank you for her support over the years!

I ask everyone to keep this on topic and also not use this to ask questions about MTH parts etc.

My first interaction with Midge was when I was hunting down parts for my Lionel HO Challenger. I had heard MTH had that tooling and that is why I reached out. While Midge couldn't help directly she did help get in touch with those that could.

The handful of other times I sought her help she was always thorough and prompt. The last time was a year or so ago when I bought the 2013 Veranda used off eBay. It had not had the smoke tray added as was an issue with that run and I was seeking to purchase it. Midge as always helped me promptl6and even sent the part out at no charge!

I know there are many more stories over the years like this and hope to see more.

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Now that’s she’s retired, I’ll share my secret to getting a fast response from Ms.Midge!…she’s absolutely terrific, a total sweetheart!….when sending an email, I’d bombard the email with bunches and bunches of smiley faces, balloons and whatever else I could find,……always got her attention!…those few that I’ve shared my trick with had mixed results, but I never had a problem, …….and I bet I’ve emailed her a couple hundred times easy,……enjoy your retirement Midge!…


Happy retirement Midge 👍

I remember the time I needed a new switch motor for a O31 turnout that burnt-out due to a faulty control button. E-mailed the spare parts division at MTH, and received a super quick reply from "Midge".

Told her (not sure at this time whether she was male or female - Midge in Australian can be both) what I needed, and ordered a couple extra motors just in case. International posting can be a bit tricky getting stuff into Australia if the address and post code (zip code) aren't 100% correct.

Midge worked through all of this, and I eventually received the switch machines. She was fantastic to work with long distance, and got me out of trouble. Same deal with traction tyres.....sent me the right ones first up!!!

My MTH loco collection keeps growing, and I will miss her when it comes to maintenance spare parts.

Thank you again Midge for our brief long distance're the greatest!!!  All the best in your retirement years.

Peter.......Buco Australia.

Happy Retirement Midge!!

She has helped me a few times with parts or an issue with a product that I had. If she couldn't help directly with an issue, like ordering a replacement part or something, she always found out who could help, and directed me there. Always with a smiling demeanor on the phone, or email. Always a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks Midge for all your help in the past, your the genuine article. MTH was fortunate to have you working for them.

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My first interaction with Midge was to get replacement marker lights for the MTH Y many, many years ago.  Midge always took care of the big and small widgets which I needed.  When stuff was out of stock she never forgot about it and contacted me when the part became available, sometimes many months down the road.

Even if the part was just a couple of bucks she treated it equal to the way she took care of high dollar replacement parts.

Super responsible lady!!  Thank you!  TT

I worked with her many times over the phone and she was always so helpful!! One of the last orders I placed was shortly before the old parts department shutdown and I think it was known by then that she would not be moving to the new facility. It would be the last time I would ever speak to her but do remember thanking her for all that she has done and the abundance of help she has  given me over the years.

Congratulations Midge on your retirement, It is well deserved and thanks again for all of your help over the years!!

@Jeff12 posted:

Sorry to hear this. Midge was the best to work with for parts. She had a lot of knowledge too. I am happy she is retiring  but she sure will be missed. She sure was a class act. Best of luck to you Midge and thank you for all your help.

Probably why the parts system taking so long to get operational. There isn't an electronic system as good as she is! 😂

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I own several iconic MTH action accessories (who doesn't have Mel's' Diner, the Car Wash, the Gas Station, and the Fire Station)? I needed replacement figures from time to time, and Midge came to my rescue. Not big orders, but important to me for realistic operations on my layout at Mottler Station.

Other OGR FORUM-ites have offered bouquets to her - all to the good. When/if a MODEL TRAIN HALL OF FAME is established, Midge deserves to be included. Perhaps with a portrait in the O-gauge gallery -- Midge at her desk with a phone in one hand and a conspicuous MTH part in the other -- fulfilling an order!

Just saying ...

Mike Mottler

Congratulations to Midge!  I spoke with her several times during the last several years.  Very friendly and always helpful.  I wish everyone in the model train industry was as nice and helpful as Midge always was. 

I'm sad because today, July 30th, 2021) is the 1st I'd heard she retired.  God's speed and best wishes to her!

RickO - Sounds like there's not going to be a 'new' MTH parts person to replace Midge Wilburn according to an MTH press release (dated July 27/21) which states in part...

"We'll even have some short tutorial videos to help guide your experience as there are no M.T.H. Sales or Parts customer service agents available at M.T.H. Parts and Sales or at M.T.H. Electric Trains."

Hmmm, wonder how that's going to work out.  IMO sometimes there's no substitute for talking to a real, live person at the other end.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I have to say Midge was fantastic either on the phone or by email.  What ever you needed it always got done even when it should have been just a 'no we can not do that for you'.  For those of us who repaired or fixed our own MTH trains I would dare say our loyalty to the MTH brand was in part to Midge. 

Now when I was on the plane to attend ASC Tech class I started to become excited to meet Midge.   I was trying to envision her work station, was it an office or at least a cubicle somewhere up-front of the building.  No their she was seated behind a desk on cement floor with dim lighting where she overlooked the service dept and to the left parts/sales.  Even thought it was dimly light over her desk, as I walked closer things just seemed brighter as I began to speak to her.  It was a real honor and joy to meet her and I am grateful for her service to us. 

I wish Midge all the best. 

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