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I Just saw your layout picture on page 10 of July 2021 CTT. It was especially nice that your children and their contributions were mentioned. The camera shot came out perfect and captured the quiet, relaxed look of your Plasticville town. Congratulations to you and Mel Garelick for snapping the photo!

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I have many fond memories of putting together my Plasticville buildings on my Gilbert Flyer layout as a child! Never had a Frosty Bar though!

Well it's never too late to get a Frosty Bar! I got mine later in life thanks to the Plasticville table on the east end of the Orange Hall. The side art-deco-ish holes in the Frosty Bar reminded me of a local one that also had similar holes. Of course, many towns in the 50's had custard stands like this.


"Frozen Dairy Bar" by Paul McGehee. This early evening twilight scene of the famous frozen custard shop in Virginia brings back fond memories of summer nights long ago. It soon became a favorite of all those who enjoyed waiting in line to taste the frosty goodness of frozen custard: an ice cream-like treat invented in 1919 at Coney Island, New York, served soft in cones or cups. The little art-deco "Frozen Dairy Bar" building with its unique stylized "wings" was a roadside landmark until it was torn down in the mid-90's to make way for a shopping center. To this day, many still have wonderful memories of this unique place, where a little taste of heaven was served under the stars. ("Frozen Dairy Bar" is an archival quality limited edition print of only 500 pieces, faithfully reproduced from Paul's original color pencil drawing, each print hand-signed by the artist.")


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Tinplate Art, I have the Plasticville fire station (not currently on layout), hospital with furniture (not currently on layout), barn (on layout), and gas station and ranch house (both on layout).

All of my Plasticville structures are charming, but I can't fit them all on my layout because of space limitations. Will rotate them on and off layout every 6 months or so.

I would love to get some O Scale sick or injured little people to sit in chairs and lie in beds to put in the Plasticville hospital. That will be a fun thing to hunt down at future train shows. Arnold

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