Hi all, I have been reading the documentation for the DCS TIU and the WIU a few times over. I think I understand most of it but I have a few questions that I thought I would ask before diving in.

a. I have two tracks that are both physically and electrically isolated. I assume I can connect one to the fixed track 1 terminals of the TIU and the other  to fixed track 2 terminals. Is that OK so far?

b. I have a Z1000 brick which I can attach to the fixed power one terminals on the TIU. To power both tracks do I need a second Z1000 brick or will that one power both tracks?

c. The WIU cam with a wall wart power supply however the TIU did not. Do I need to get a power supply for the TIU itself or it soley powered from the transformer(s)?





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This excerpt from the DCS WiFi Companion, page 85. should provide some insight:

1. External TIU Power 

Providing Power to the TIU 

Like any other electronic component, the TIU requires a power source. MTH designed the TIU so that it can be powered in two different ways. 

One way is to use the track power that is present at the inputs to TIU Fixed Channel #1. This power source is available whenever the O gauge operator is running trains on tracks connected to Fixed Channel #1. 

Another way to power the TIU is to use a separate power supply that is plugged into the TIU's Aux. Power port. In this case, the TIU would have power all the time. Any power supply that provides between 12 and 22 volts AC or DC at 1.5 amps or greater, equipped with a compatible barrel plug, may be used. 

If the TIU is a Rev. L (or later) that has a USB port, the TIU may alternately be powered via the USB port. However, this should only be done when using the TIU solely to update TIU or DCS Remote software. In order to perform DCS engine sound file transfers, DCS Remote backup or recovery, DCS engine operation, or activation of switch tracks or accessories connected to a TIU's AIUs, power must come from either the Aux. Power port or Fixed Channel #1 Input. 

When the TIU is powered through Fixed Channel #1 Input, every time the power to the tracks controlled by Fixed Channel #1 is interrupted for any reason, the TIU turns itself off. However, when the TIU is powered through the Aux. Power port, the TIU remains turned on regardless of the state of power applied to the tracks controlled by Fixed Channel #1.

For more info, pick up a copy of the book.

DCS Book CoverThis and a whole lot more about DCS WiFi is all in “The DCS WiFi Companion 1st Edition!"

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