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I’ve recently added the LCS system to my layout and the interface to my ARC is through the screw terminals of a SER2. Can someone supply the correct connections from the SER2 terminals (INP OUT COM) to the ARC (TXA DAT TXC COM)?  And the the correct daisy chain to other serial devices.

i know everything up and downstream of the ARC are good because if I bypass the ARC and go straight from SER2 to other serial devices all works.

Any tips for troubleshoot the ARC would be helpful. I know I have 10v to the AU power. No LEDs of the ARC light.

Thanks. Tom

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Problem solved

The arc must be connected to the SER2 screw terminals only - not using the original RS232 connection and cable from the command base as best I can tell  

It also seems important to power off the SER2 if you’ve had an RS232 cable connected then connect to screw terminals and return power. Not positive but this seemed to resolve my issues - maybe there’s a reset of some sort that occurs.

The connections were

SER2 COM to ARC COM (green for me)

SER2 OUT to ARC DAT (red for me)

SER2 INP to ARC TXC (black for me)

then daisy chain to next serial device was from ARC TXA and COM as the ARC manual shows  

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