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Conrail is one of the railroads in which I’m interested, although I have just a few models of its locomotives and rolling stock. Two of my favorite Conrail models are Atlas O EMD SW9 #8606 and Atlas O extended-vision caboose #22131 shown in the photos and videos below. Would like to see your O gauge Conrail equipment.




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Hi MELGAR.  Great pix and video presentations.  Thanks for the show!

I know nothing about Legal Eagle stuff, but it's a shame Conrail didn't survive to become an LLC and could continie to serve the Northeast/Midwest US.  I've never, or will I ever, accept CSX and NS running former CR territory.  Ditto with all the fancy heritage color schemes on either roads Diesel locomotives either.

NJ Transit is an exception of course.  Hope to see more heritage paint jobs show up on their power.  GO NJT!


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The computer company that I worked for in the 1990s had Conrail as a customer.  We had just taken over their technical support help desk (mainly PC support) a few months prior to the announcement of the split up in 1998.  It was a big blow to our budget that year!

One of my fondest memories is going into their data center in NE Phila.  You, and all your bags, gear, etc. got weighed on the way in and then again on the way out to make sure you didn't pilfer anything while there.  I guess lunch didn't make too much of a difference in your weight!

For that reason, I've always been interested in Conrail livery.  My first MTH PS2.0 was a Conrail SD-45, which unfortunately just died and was converted to a dummy about 2 months ago.

So today, I bought this Lionel SD80MAC today at the Cabin Fever auction.  conrail

I'm looking forward to running this one with my SD-45 dummy in 2nd position!


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I only have a Conrail tanker but I would like to get a diesel. I bowled at the Bowladrome in Struthers, OH as a kid (that's the bowling alley in the Deer Hunter) and my parents loved me enough to sit and wait for the train to come by across the street at 630PM after league let out. We waited in the winter and the summer haha It's amusing to look back on how much I loved it as a kid because of the trains but now I look back on it and it's a great memory!

@NeophyteMRR posted:

That first engine is unique.  Thanks for sharing.

This was the first locomotive to receive the Conrail Scheme and as such, it is unique in the PC style letters and CON RAIL instead of the officially adopted CONRAIL name.  It was also unique in two other important ways.  First, this was the prototype for the GG1 built in 1934 that tested against the PRR developed R1 rigid frame 4-8-4.  It was the only one with a riveted carbody.  When it was selected for production all the rest had welded bodies.  It also has the the unique distinction of being the only GG1 painted into Conrail dress blue in 1977.  All other GG1s recieved overstamps of PC heritage locomotives in either the PRR dark green single stripe scheme or PC black.  This model is a brass 3rd Rail version from 2009 in 3 rail and Lionel made the riveted version in their Visionline about 2016 as I recall.

Some more Conrail of mine showing my weathering of an overstamp CR where the PC used to be as well as another photo of my weathered Conrail NE6 caboose running on modules at the 2009 TCA National Convention.



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I remember these like it was yesterday! This was a one of a kind scheme, most of the CR G's were jet black with just the CR lettering.  Living along the NEC northeast of Baltimore and seeing these guys clip across the Gunpowder and Bush river bridges or waiting at grade level on Ebenezer road while a filthy black (they were never clean) Amtrak GG1 would race by and scare the kids in the car because of the speed and moving earth if you were first at the crossing gate!  My first train ride was behind a GG1 from Edgewood, MD to Washington DC with the scouts.  My mom was a "den mother" and we rode the mighty PRR to see the nations capitol.  I was not initially a fan of Conrail because it absorbed all of my favorite railroads and I thought it may be ruined because of government intervention but it became a profitable, reliable, GREAT railroad and I now remember it fondly! Thanks for the walk down memory lane Jonathan!

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