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As my plans draw closer I will be using 3/4” OSB for the table top (couldn’t beat the price), and I’m considering using one inch foam board  for scenery purposes, and homasote for the track bed (tubular track).                          Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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I use 1/2" OSB  and 3/4" high density foam board  for my layout.  The high density foam gives a little more resistance to weight pressed on it.  Just remember to glue down the foam,  then the track, it cuts down on the sound. I used acrylic caulking with silicone. Since you say you're using tubular track, you will probably have to screw them down.

For my large tinplate layout (O and Std) I used 1/2" OSB with standard carpet padding glued to the OSB.  The carpet padding was sprayed green (latex) and I used a textured paint for the ballast. The track is all glued down.  I used screws to hold the track in place until the glue dried.  The carpet pad was inexpensive and the result is very quiet trains - except when the sound is turned up.

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