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I have two concentric loops on my layout, one an outer 72" diameter standard gauge oval and the other an inner1500 radius LGB oval. My traditional 408E pulls a four car state set while my LGB 0-6-6-0 2085D mallet pulls a three car 3062 consist with a PIKO luggage/brake van on the rear. The twin BAL motored 408E puts on quite a show replete with open frame motor sounds while exuding a scent of an oil/ozone mixture. The LGB 2085D is more of a visual treat rather than an auditory one. The filtered and regulated DC current issued from a very smooth PIKO throttle allows the mallet to run without any sound save its steel rimmed drivers on the rails. This loco has smoke but since the advent of the pandemic, I no longer use any smoke fluid. I love the contrast between the early tinplate technology and the high tech seven-pole can motors of the LGB. Train room bliss!

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@Rob English posted:

I mix modern and tinplate. Sometimes I just want to get a modern vibe on!

Yeah...each approach has its own allure, so mixing it up sometimes is fun and relaxing.

At this stage of my modeling "career", I'm finding the simplicity (and colors) of Standard Gauge to be a terrific break from the detail oriented approach to the 2R/3R Scale stuff I have been focusing on.

Maybe that's the difference: I feel like I "work on" O scale and I "play with" Standard Gauge...🙂

Mark in Oregon

I really love the look of old tinplate cars, but I really don't care for the looks of tinplate engines.

So, I pull all of my tinplate cars with small to medium conventional locomotives.

The little Williams 44 ton Scale switcher looks really cool pulling a train of short Marx tinplate cars. An 0-4-0 steam switcher or A5  would look great as well, but I haven't bought one yet.


Thanks for the info John.

You may remember that last December, as my only Christmas present, I bought a NIB conventional K-Line A5, for around $250.00, specifically to pull my tinplate cars.  I was really disgusted to find that the forward/neutral/reverse function did not work.  It only worked sporadically or not at all.  So, I sent it back.

Since these locos have not been made for a long time, I have thought that maybe there was a bad run of these (with bad boards), and that the sudden appearance of so many of these NIB last fall may have been this bad bunch. 

So, this coming December, I'm going to look for a used VG+ from Trainworld or other reputable source, so at least I know it has been fully tested.



In response to Rich: At 79, my lungs are clear, and I have not had Covid, but to be on the safe side I avoid inhaling the lipids expelled when smoke fluid is heated especially in a small room like my trainroom. My lungs are checked six times weekly at my dialysis center and are always clear. Lack of engine smoke is a small price to pay for continued pulmonary health!

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