Anyone ever make one for a floor layout? I put the one in the picture together to hold my Lionel Z and the 440C and 439 control Panels. The top lifts up so I can hide terminal strips and whatever else I need to and keep it somewhat neat. I haven't wired it yet, just running the trains with it but it keeps everything together and looks good. If anyone else had made anything similar could you please post pictures?




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I have not, but I sure do like the looks of the devices on either side of the transformer. Since you call them by number I guess they are Lionel items from the past. Very nice.

I bought the Z from an OGR forum member about a year ago and it came ready to use. It can't be the original cord. I also bought rollers and rivets so I can get inside sometime and if needed replace them but at the moment all 4 controls work smoothly so I'm leaving it alone. I was using a KW for my floor layout and what a differance the Z makes. With all the lights I'm running off the track the KW just wasn't enough to also run the trains but the Z does fine.

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